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Meltdown: Money, Debt and the Wealth of Nations, Volume 2 (1999–01)

“To put the economies of the world under the complete control of the financial sector...brought on the Depression of the thirties that led to the Second World War…. The inescapable one way out from a Third World War, which appears more inescapably in the offing, is to prevent our governments from persisting in the dumbing-down process of our society...”
— From the Introduction

With a global perspective ever-present, Meltdown, v. 2 offers readers both an overview and a much-needed microeconomic evaluation of many of the seemingly disparate areas of our dysfunctional economic system – locally, nationally, and globally.

In no uncertain terms, Meltdown informs us as to how we got to where we are today – and what we can do about it! This book is a gem: without exaggeration, an astonishing work.

In Meltdown, v. 2, covering Economic Reform articles from 1999–2001, you will find a clear prediction not only of the present submarginal debt – which is gnawing away at the entrails of the globalized and deregulated financial sector. There are also detailed explanations of how the crisis is being used to devise further scams to prevent the use of our central bank for the social purposes for which it was nationalized in 1938.