About Comer

Whether you know a little – or a lot – about economics, our website is for everyone. An understanding of economics. The realization of a workable and equitable national, global economic theory may well determine how we are to live from here on in, in a reasonable fashion.

COMER is an international publishing and education resource based in Toronto, Canada, and is comprised of people who are concerned about the destabilizing effects current economic and monetary policies have had, and are having, on the citizens of Canada and other countries.

COMER argues for prices in a mixed economy (economic reform), and advocates for changes in monetary policy (monetary reform) through revisions in the Bank of Canada Act.

The Journal of the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform was launched as COMER Comments in 1988. Its purpose was to study the strange turn that monetary policy was taking under the aggressive leadership of the world’s central banks and, in particular, the 1991 proclamation of John Crow, then Governor of the Bank of Canada, who declared “zero inflation” to be the primary concern of the central bank.

COMER’s Constitution as of December 2014

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In Canada, we have all the manpower, natural resources and know-how we need – at our fingertips – to create a better world. Canadians could live in a safe, quality-based environment, secure in the trust that social programs, set within the context of Canadian resources and jobs, would be secure for them, their children, and generations to come.

For those interested in an alternative to orthodox, neo-liberal economics, an introduction to COMER concepts of monetary and economic reform may be found at Canadian Monetary Reform News.

The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform advocates for necessary changes in monetary policy, and for economic reform. We argue that a fair, equitable economic theory is well within our grasp, a theory within which monetary policy may be constructively brought into being for the benefit of all Canadians.