About Comer

Whether you know a little – or a lot – about economics, our website is for everyone.

COMER, the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform, advocates for necessary changes in monetary policy and economic reform. We argue that a fair, equitable economic theory is well within our grasp, a theory within which monetary policy may be constructively brought into being for the benefit of all Canadians.


We Are The Economic Think Tank of Canada

Established in the 1980s as an economic think tank, COMER is a not-for-profit, non-partisan, volunteer-based association based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our association comprises individuals and organizations concerned about the monetary system and related issues. We are dedicated to understanding the connection between the debt-money system and critical social issues.

An international publishing and education resource, COMER is concerned about the destabilizing effects that the current economic and monetary policies have had, and continue to have, on the citizens of Canada and other countries.


The Foundation of COMER

COMER was set up by Canadians concerned about our debt-based monetary system, which proved to be unsustainable. Dr. John Hargrove Hotson, Economics, University of Waterloo and William Krehm are the two founding members of this esteemed association.

With the purpose of studying the strange turn that monetary policy was taking under the aggressive leadership of the world’s central banks, the Journal of the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform was launched as COMER Comments in 1988. The study mainly focused on the 1991 proclamation of John Crow, then Governor of the Bank of Canada, who declared “zero inflation” to be the central bank’s primary concern.


What We Do

As a forum that encourages critical thinking about sustainable monetary and economic policies, COMER strives to serve the common good. We argue for economic and monetary reforms based on prices in a mixed economy and advocate for changes in monetary policy through revisions in the Bank of Canada Act.


Our Mission and Vision

COMER primarily aims to promote an understanding of why monetary reform is essential to democracy, economic justice, and the preservation of our environment and to encourage active support for an alternative political economy.

We envision a just, political economy that is based on sound, democratic principles. This will be an economy designed to enhance all life and dedicated to the public interest rather than private profit.



With all the human resources, natural resources and know-how we need in Canada, COMER is an economic think tank that advocates creating a better world. Canadians could live in a safe, quality-based environment, secure in the trust that social programs, set within the context of Canadian resources and jobs, would be secure for them, their children, and generations to come.

“Could anything be more insane than for the human race to die out because WE COULDN’T AFFORD TO SAVE OURSELVES?”

— Dr. John Hotson, Co-Founder of COMER