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We would like to thank past, present and future contributors who worked tirelessly on getting the COMER journal to print and also those who have managed COMER’s several websites over time: John Riddell, Larry Farquharson and Tony Koch.

A warm welcome to COMER’s new website team, Darko and Drazen Dodig. We’re confident that they can take us far!

Bob Good was an ever-ready supporter, along with his brother, as our cartoonist for many a COMER issue!

Since then, we have been lucky enough to add Ronnie Pereira to COMER, who’s excellent contributions have been much appreciated. Ronnie has donated several illustrations, including the one in this issue.

Paul McMurray, at his own expense and on his own initiative, has videotaped for COMER its conferences over several years.

Derrell Dular was one of COMER’s earliest members, and remained an active supporter even after he took on the leadership of the Seniors’ Alliance.

During COMER’s dormant period, after most of our small think-tank had died or been forced to withdraw due to illness, Derrell kept COMER on life support, driving Bill Krehm to his weekly lectures at OISE, and seeing to all the requisite materials.

He was most knowledgeable and generous and had a delightful sense of humour.

Among other things, he organized many successful conferences and meetings.

We are forever in his debt.

Thanks, and admiration for Judy Lewis, whose indefatigable research enabled us to share many, well expressed resources, and whose ever-ready, cheerful emails keep us all in touch!

Of course, there is no way that I could have carried on Bill’s COMER and ER project without Rita’s encouraging, cheerful, supportive, and oh so competent help!!

Thank you, Rita!

Dear Subscriber,

It is thanks to you that COMER has been kept available in hard copy, and found its way into corners – including public libraries – where its message has reached far and wide many who might, otherwise, have never heard the truth about money.

We regret that, without Bill’s financial support, we cannot continue to produce the hard copy.

Thank you for your steadfast support in spreading the word! Your contribution to COMER and to the cause has, over time, been considerable.

Stay well, hang on, and when we’re out of the lockdown, continue to add your voice to the growing throng recognizing the need for monetary reform!

Most sincerely,


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