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AlAs, we have recently lost a long-time member of COMER, and an outstanding “change agent.” Derrell Dular, born January 13, 1944, died November 30, 2018. Derrell grew up in the Cleveland, Ohio area and immigrated to Montreal, in 1966. Luckily for us, he moved to Ontario, in 1967. Like Margaret Rao and Richard Rohr, he had a similar “vision and values to live by.” The Vietnam War stirred Derrell to civil disobedience. Forced to choose between his country and his “vision and values,” he refused to participate in the war, forfeiting his American citizenship, and immigrating to Canada. He served, for a time, on the Toronto Branch of the Council of Canadians. Soon after its inception, he joined the COMER think tank. During a dormant period, following the death of many of its members, Derrell helped Bill Krehm to keep the organization functioning, through Bill’s ER, and weekly seminars at OISE. He was on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Health Coalition, and served as Managing Director of the Alliance of Seniors to protect Canada’s social programs. He has always been there for COMER, and has organized many meetings and events for the many causes and organizations he served. He will be remembered for his outstanding contributions, and for his warm and caring nature – and will be sorely missed.

Ann Emmet

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