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We are pleased to introduce our new information officer, Larry Farquharson. 

Larry first became involved with COMER through the National Party of Canada in 1993, when he was a candidate in the federal election. The COMER position – monetary and economic reform – resonated with Larry, and in 1997, when he ran as an independent candidate in the federal election, COMER and monetary reform were his platform. While the message was well received, he was not elected. 

He has been a member of COMER since 1997. He was a founding member of the Canadian Council on National Issues (CCNI) which organized six regional Canada & Country social and economic symposiums in southwestern Ontario, where COMER was featured through presentations by William Krehm, John Hotson, Jack Biddell, George Crowell and others. 

It was Larry who set up He contributed to the publishing and distribution of the Journal of the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform, and a number of books, including It’s Your Money by William F. Hixson. Larry has recently started a COMER Chapter in London. 

He teaches business and computer studies and is currently a teacher-librarian at a secondary school in London, Ontario.

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