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Dear parliamentarian: 

My name is Jerry Ackerman. I am a financial analyst with degrees in Agriculture, Economics and Economics Applied to Agriculture. My life began on a subsistence farm at the depths of the Depression. My career(s) have involved 24 years at the University of Manitoba – kitchen table consulting with prairie farmers, and sharing my financial understanding with their offspring in classrooms. I co-authored 2 best-selling investment books in the 1980s, and have advised investors since 1965. Retirement followed 15 years of business ventures in the NS tourist industry, but my interest in global finance continues, and I remain political active. 

One year ago this month I mailed a copy of Joyce Nelson’s book Beyond Banksters – Resisting the New Feudalism to Senators February 6 and to MP’s February 12. I included excerpts from Will Abram’s History of the Bank of Canada, Paul Hellyer’s The Money Mafia – a World in Crisis, and Ellen Brown’s The Public Bank Solution, and her article “How to Cut Infrastructure costs in Half.” I quoted 12-year-old Victoria Grant: “If the government wants to spend money, it should borrow from its own bank, and not have to pay interest.” 

Canada Post assures me that my mailings were delivered. However, not one Senator or MP has admitted receiving the materials! The only acknowledgement came February 24 from Ian Foucher, Senior Policy Advisor, in which he repeated the nonsense voiced by the Hon. Mr. Morneau when replying to the petition 421-00858 sponsored by Elizabeth May calling for return to using the Bank of Canada to make interest-free loans for “human capital” expenditures. My response March 6 was personally directed to the Minister of Finance. It consisted of 14 pages referring to finance experts from Germany, UK, and North America. Paul Hellyer’s March 14 open letter also addressed the Minister directly. He accused him of lying to Parliament and suggested his resignation! 

I’m not enclosing Joyce Nelson’s book this time, but here are some pages of understanding that I trust you will find instructional in examining this spring’s federal budget as it is presented, reviewed and discussed. 

If I can be of assistance in any way, my email address is jerry.ackerman31@gmail. com. 

Jerry Ackerman 

Our Comment 

Somewhat like being allowed to shout – in a padded cell. 


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