Federal Court Hears Bank of Canada Application

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By Connie Fogal,
Re: BoC court application on December 5, 2012, by the government to strike out our challenge on the use of the Bank of Canada as intended by statute.
This application by the government heard on December 5 was not dealing with the merits of our case, but rather just with whether or not we had a right to be heard at all by the court and to bring forward the challenge.
However, in the process much of the substance of the case was referenced, which made the arguments exciting to hear.
The courtroom was not big enough to seat the numbers of the public who wanted in. There were as many people outside the courtroom as inside. This did impress the judge who thanked the public for being there taking an interest in these matters.
Rocco Galati, our lawyer, was brilliant and thorough in his presentation. He seemed to answer every question by the judge with great persuasion.
The public reacted to the representation with an electric excitement, a satisfaction that this case was coming across as one of international as well as national historical import.
The Court has reserved judgement on whether or not we have the right to proceed. A decision will likely be rendered within weeks.

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